The Ice cream looked too good to leave such taste after my first scoop

It was love at first. The first scoop may have taken a while to get to my mouth but I might have just taken the best ice cream in town.
Hot afternoon, home alone, boredom, I needed my body to get chilled. So I decided to take a ride, kilometers away from where I reside to have my taste buds delighted with something new and different; with Chicken and Co’s ice cream.

As I marched into the building of the restaurant, the frigid air from the air conditioners penetrated my skin, chilling my blood, sinking into the marrow of my bones like wet concrete. The residual heat I had gathered from the hot harmattan sun was gone. Just what I needed.

The breathed chilled air was accompanied by the sweet smell of pastries; meat pie, sausage, cake. My mouth watered, I wanted them all, but sadly I could only afford a small bowl of ice cream at the time.
The attendants at the counter were quite calm, welcoming, and quick to attend. I got my small bowl of ice cream in no time after making payment.

The ice cream, when I took off the lid, had a pink pastel colour and smooth surface that made my dry mouth water again. Its appearance made me crave it the more and I was tempted to rush it all in. When I took the first scoop of the ice cream into my mouth, the sapid cold ball melted on my tongue, giving me the good feeling and satisfaction I wished for.

Although it didn’t meet the expectations I had set in my head, it didn’t give me enough of the heavenly feeling I wanted to feel but damn, it was still nice.

My eyes closed, a deep breath followed as the cold sweetness went down my throat. Delightful. It was so yummy and cold that it made me want to eat more.

I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t try this ice cream out unless you want to keep missing out on the greatness. Believe me, I’m not done with Chicken and Co. The restaurant is going to receive me more often after that experience.

Moreover, I still need to have a feel of its pastries and crunchy ice cream, too. It’s going to be a long ride, I and Chicken and Co. That’s the magic of a good restaurant. You can’t miss out on this, give it a shot.